About us

Inviteq is the best solution provider in the industry

Inviteq was founded in 2011 to respond to the demand from industry. Following a modest beginning the company has grown over the years due to increased demand. Today it provides services and know-how to a number of companies around the world.

The Inviteq team has over 20 years successful experience in the industry with direct experience in R & D, lens designing, material and production process development, set-up and management of high volume production of lathed contact lenses and intraocular lenses, regulatory systems and approvals, sales & marketing of intraocular lenses around the world. 

We are passionate about our work and ensure that our clients benefit from our experience, expertise and professionalism, which are some of the core values of the company. That is why Inviteq is the partner of choice for small and large companies around the world.

We can provide a complete "turn key" solution for the set-up of new production facilities for contact and intraocular lenses.

But also solutions for exisitng manufacturers to make their business more productive, more diversified or overcome technical and regulatory challenges.

We always supply a solution that is customised to the needs and expectations of our clients, where ever they in the world. We also provide ongoing after care service and support for all our work and establish a long-term partnership with the clients. We want to ensure that our clients that our work and solutions provide the best possible outcome for our clients.

Go to our "solution provider" page to see what we can do for you! But if you don't see what you want on that page just contact us to discuss your requirements!